Here are some frequently asked questions that we get from guests.


  • Can I bring candles and tea lights?

    You can bring battery operated lights. No naked flames are allowed inside any of the accommodation.

  • Can I charge my phone, camera or tablet?

    Bell Tent guests have access to a solar powered battery pack, where they can charge their phone, camera or tablet through usb ports.

  • Do I need to bring cooking gear, kettles and cool boxes?

    The Bell Tents include firepits with griddles, so food can be cooked over them with charcoal and wood.

    You can purchase the lighters, charcoal and wood for the firepits from us. Each Bell Tent also has a set of pans, utensils, plates, mugs and cutlery for you to use.

    Bell Tents also have access to a shed kitchen that has a sink, kettle and microwave. All we ask is that after guests use the equipment, they use the sink in the shed kitchen to wash everything up, and ensure that the equipment is dried before storing away.

    All Bell Tent equipment can be found in the storage unit in the Bell Tent, or in the storage box next to the tent.

    Bell Tent guests can bring there own cooking equipment if they wish, however we have a strictly no cooking in or near tent policy.

    Tent Pod and traditional camping guests will need to bring all the equipment they need.

    There are no fridges on site, so all guests are asked to bring their own cool boxes.

  • Do I need to bring my own towel and washing kit?

    We do not provide towels, so you will need to bring your own.

    For Bell Tent guests, the bathroom does have hand soap in the toilets and shower gel in the showers. We do suggest bringing your own shower gel if you have delicate skin, of just in case on a particular day the gel runs out between stocking.

  • Does your site have Wi-Fi?

    No, there is no Wi-Fi on site.

  • How do we find you?

    If you are coming from Preston-on-Wye, travel all the way through the village.

    Drive for just under a mile.

    You will pass over a small red brick bridge and down a slight hill. At the bottom of the slope the road turns a sharp left. Turn off the road here to the right, passing a triangle green to your left, and a large pool on your right.

    Turn into the first gate on the left, which is the farm gate. In the farm yard, drive through the next get in front of you, with the church on the right.

    Follow the path through the next gate, where you will find signs directing you to either the campsite (go left), or for glampers (go straight on).

  • How many people can sleep in the accommodation?

    For Family Bell Tents, its a maximum of 4 people.

    For Adult Bell Tents, its a maximum of 2 people.

    For Tent Pods, its a maximum of 2 people.

    For traditional campers, its however many you can fit in the tent you bring.

  • How secure is it?

    The camp site is remote. However, it is impossible to secure tents to any degree. We suggest that any valuables are locked in vehicles when unattended. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

  • Is there electric and heating?

    Our Bell Tents have solar powered battery packs, where you can charge your phones, tablets, the candles that are provided and the inner pole light.

    Our Tent Pods have solar lights, but there is no source of power in them.

    There is no heating inside either. In the summer months we find the bedding warm enough, especially with TOG10 duvets. If you are worried about the weather going colder, we suggest you may want to bring a few rugs.

  • What are check-in and check-out times?

    For Bell Tent and Tent Pod guests, check-in is after 4pm on your day of arrival.

    Check-out is before 11am of the morning after your last night.

    For traditional camping guests, check-in and check-out is more flexible.

  • What are your booking terms and conditions

    Please see our terms and conditions.

  • What bedding is provided and what do I need to bring?

    The Bell Tents and the Tent Pods have fully sprung mattresses and pillows. On change over the beds are made with fresh linen.

    Traditional campers will need to bring their own bedding.

  • What is the distance from the accommodation to the toilets and showers?

    Bell Tent guests have a bathroom and shower unit within the same field.

    Tent Pod and traditional camping guests have access to two porta toilets within 20 meters of the river field gate.