Looking for a wedding with a difference.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a ceremony in a quaint historic church, and then wonder out through the gate to an alfresco wedding venue, then we’re your venue.

Our glamping field is situated directly behind the 13th century church of St. Lawrence at Preston-on-Wye. As you walk out of the church you can walk down the ancient steps, through a small paddock surrounded by Victorian barns. As you enter the glamping field there is an ideal photo opportunity in front of a beautiful pool, where swans and coots are commonly seen swimming.

Outdoor weddings offer you and your guests more space. Instead of being packed into a single dining room in a hotel, where people mingle between tables, have the luxury of roaming the grounds of your venue and enjoying the views.

St. Lawrence Church at Preston-on-Wye

St. Lawrence church proudly stands on a raised church yard, boldly standing within the Herefordshire countryside.

To a by passer, it is easy to wonder by the church, thinking it has always been situated in a quiet corner of the country-side.

However this 13th century church has history. It is the location of one of four important manorial manors belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Hereford. Role back a few centuries, and you would have been surrounded by monks on the site.

Like many churches, the character and charm is the result of many alterations, be it through the restoration in 1625, and then a more comprehensively one in 1883.

If you like being swept away with the romance of history, then you may also be interested that the location has even older documented history, going back to AD600.

According to the Book of Llandaff a local warrior prince, Gwrfoddw, who was king of Ergyng, after a victory in battle over the Saxons granted land at Bolgros to Bishop Ufelfyw – Bolgros was said to be “on the banks of the Wye, at some distance from Mochros (now Moccas)” – in thanksgiving for the victory. Bolgros is believed to have been Preston-on-Wye, and a church was built on the site of the present church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, St Peter, St Dubricius and St Peter.

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