Fire in the countryside in the dry summer months need to be respected at all time. Dependent on season, we may decide that campfires are not permitted due to overriding safety concerns. Outside of these times, campfires are only permitted in designated areas and must be tended to at all times.

Each bell tent has its own fire pit, that is placed a safe distance away from Bell Tents. Even though the Bell Tents are certified fireproof to BS 7837:1996 standards, you are expected to keep the firepits a safe distance from tents, hedges, cars, or any other property that could be damaged. All fire pit fires must be tended to at all times.

Fuel for our firepits must be bought from us. The metal firepits take a special type of charcoal, which we stock.

Guests’ can bring their own barbecues, but must operate them in accordance to the same safety considerations as our own firepits and campfires, as above.

If you bring your own barbecues, please ensure you do not damage property with them. We have had examples where guest have placed portable barbecues on top of wooden tables, and burnt the table top.

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