Housekeeping will clean the bell tents between each stay.

We suggest that whilst in your bell tent, that you operate a no shoes policy, to limit the amount of grass and dirt taken in. This is to try to keep the inside as nice for you and other guests. However, we understand that this can not be practical all the time. We provide a wooden stage outside the bell tent, a door matt, and shoe stand, to help limit the outside coming in.

You are responsible for leaving the bell tent in a tidy manner before you leave, including putting rubbish in the bins, if possible taking rubbish with you, tidying up games and books and washing up any dirty kitchenware. We ask you to ensure that kitchenware is properly dried before putting them back in the shelf storage unit, to remove dampness in storage boxes.

A charge of £15 will be made for any bell tents that have been left in an unsatisfactory mess.

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