The Bell Tents include firepits with griddles, so food can be cooked over them with charcoal and wood.

You can purchase the lighters, charcoal and wood for the firepits from us. Each Bell Tent also has a set of pans, utensils, plates, mugs and cutlery for you to use.

Bell Tents also have access to a shed kitchen that has a sink, kettle and microwave. All we ask is that after guests use the equipment, they use the sink in the shed kitchen to wash everything up, and ensure that the equipment is dried before storing away.

All Bell Tent equipment can be found in the storage unit in the Bell Tent, or in the storage box next to the tent.

Bell Tent guests can bring there own cooking equipment if they wish, however we have a strictly no cooking in or near tent policy.

Tent Pod and traditional camping guests will need to bring all the equipment they need.

There are no fridges on site, so all guests are asked to bring their own cool boxes.

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